GOSPELHOLYDAYS 1,000 voices - 1 choir

I want to be part of it

Registration deadline: 16th of April 2023

Please inform yourself first in the overview about prices, catering, accommodation etc. before you register.

Everyone who was a participant at GOSPELHOLYDAYS_2019 should already have an account for the registration - i.e. you just have to log in or if you forgot your password, request a new one.

For 2023 we only offer single registration - i.e. no matter if you come as a family or a choir: EVERY participant needs a separate personal registration.

If you want to register several participants with the same account, please create a new DELIVERY ADDRESS for each additional participant with name and address of the additional person. Thank you very much!

HAVE FUN REGISTERING - We are looking forward to you and the GOSPELHOLYDAYS_2023!

If you have problems registering, please ask someone around you who is familiar with "the internet" to help you.

In diesem Anleitungsvideo erklären wir, wie das mit der Anmeldung funktioniert. Bitte schaut Euch das Video kurz an, bewor Ihr mit der Anmeldung loslegt. DANKE!

Video Registration instructions (in german)

Einfach unbeschreiblich schön, begeisternd, mitreißend, toll organisiert.

Susanne (Festivalteilnehmerin)

Enjoy the video with the song "Angels"